thunderstorm pig serene while driving in the rain

awwww man check out that cute smile. i, thunderstorm pig, look as chill as ever despite the thunder and lightning and rain outside my mclaren 570s. oink!

thunderstorm pig serene in the rain in his mclaren by spinetrick

look at this awesome image! there’s a lot to explore here, so let’s treat this image like mud and dig in.

first, that background! love this style of brushwork, and love how it trails behind the 570s – clearly you can see where i’ve been. the way the lightning and rainfall blend in with the white of the background too, i just love this style. i even love how the rain falls at slightly different angles in patches so you can tell it’s quite a windy storm!

looking at the linework, i don’t know what type of brush that is but that’s something that initially attracted me to this artist (spinetrick – more about them in a moment). i really love too the detail of the splashes beneath the tires, how the white of the splashes blurs into the background style and bridges the gap from background to foreground.

that car looks so sleek, i’ve rarely seen a mclaren look better than this! love those smooth lines and curves, what a sexy sports car. oink oink. the orange trim truly makes it stand out. and those glowing headlights – what a detail!

finally let’s get a close-up of me! oink!

a close up on that cute thunderstorm pig smile!

(this way you can see the detail of the linework too in case it was zoomed out on your screen)

look at my adorable little smile! look at how peaceful i am despite the storm surging around me. what a metaphor for life – whatever hurricanes and squalls life may throw at you in your external life, strive for your internal life to be serene. be as serene as the thunderstorm pig in the rain.

oink oink.

don’t worry though, i don’t usually drive with my eyes closed.

the artist behind this masterpiece is spinetrick! i found spinetrick on their tumblr (linked) and absolutely loved their art style. it just has this way of being comicy without being too overly cartoony, and as mentioned, i love the linework so much. they did some other cool stuff with backgrounds in their art that i saw so i knew the background on what i requested would be cool too.

they had no other links for me to give besides that tumblr so check it out!

similar to my last piece, this was also a donation commission – the money for this went to my local protest bail fund because this pig supports protesters!!!

stay chill faithful thunderstorm pig fanatics! (i need a name for my fans huh?) oink oink – thunderstorm pig out!

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