stylistic storybook thunderstorm pig!

wow, can you believe this! check out this adorable thunderstorm pig art! it’s straight out of my imagination!

look everyone, i can’t believe how amazing this image turned out! it’s so silly and cartoonish and whimsical! i’m in love! oink!

thunderstormpig in his smiley mclaren, in a cutesy storybook style of art

i love how two-dimensional the clouds above look thanks to the shadows they cast. how cutesy the lightning is. it’s like something out of a papercraft display – especially with the added texture.

and that mclaren looks so good, so fun! look at the front, it looks like it’s smiling! it’s cheery! it’s a happy car and i’m happy to be in it!

although in this picture i am clearly at my most badass, rarin’ down the freeway and whippin’ my head out the window hootin and hollerin and oinkin. oink oink.

really i love everything about this art and i’m so thankful to have it.

this one is done by someone named zee yorke – doozical on instagram and twitter. they also have a store here. seriously take a look at their portfolio (click their name) because their stuff is }}}}soooo coooool{{{{ i can’t get enough of that deceptively simple style and it makes me so excited to have a drawing from them.

i actually got this drawing because they were doing sketches for anyone who donated to black lives matter charities. and here at the thunderstormpig website hq i believe black lives matter and had donated already, so i donated even more in return for this. honor and a privilege oink.

it’s a thing of beauty. just like me. thunderstorm pig out! oink oink!

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