oink oink. i like mud. i drive a mclaren 570s. oink. i just think mclarens are neat and i like the rain a lot. thunder never scares me.

my favorite color is aqua, in part because of the rain. but also because it’s a calm, peaceful, serene hue. i like peace.

i don’t always wear my yellow bandana. i wear it to keep the thunderstorm close to my heart, but if there’s a thunderstorm going on outside, it’s already close enough for me! but if i’m inside or if it’s a sunny day or calm night then i’m more likely to be wearing it.

someone once asked me if i drove a mclaren 570s because i didn’t like mclarens. isn’t that funny? i love mclarens. to be honest with you i’m not really much of a “car pig” but i just think the 570s is sleek and amazing, and mine handles real well even in rain and mud, and i got mine in curacao blue which is real close to my favorite color.

to be clear though this is not some weird mclaren sponsorship or brand thing. i’m not affiliated with mclaren at all and they sadly don’t even know i exist 🙁

if you have any questions, comments, press inquiries, legal requests, or mud hookups, please send a polite email to:

please note that i’m so busy rolling in dirt and eating a healthy variety of bread, mealie-pap, veggies, and fruit, that it might take me a while to get back to you! maybe even more than a month! oink oink!

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