the official “thunderstormpig” logo is iconic

that’s right folks this is the :::official thunderstormpig logo::: and you should accept no substitutions on this account. i’m thinking i should put this on t-shirts!

the thunderstormpig logo on a white background

oink oink. honestly i really might start putting this on tshirts and if i do you will be the first to know.

but isn’t this a sweet logo? there’s me and since i’m not in a thunderstorm i wore my excellent favorite lightning bolt bandana around my neck. just so you know that i am the thunderstorm pig, at all times (even when it’s sunny or even snowing!).

plus we got my favorite color aqua/light blue in the ring around me that i’m popping out of like porky, ha ha! oink.

i moved the text onto two lines for this blog post so it would fit better i hope you don’t mind. it’s nice in a square. and that same lil lightning bold across the o in storm, i love it! i’m so excited it makes me twitch.

here’s how it looks on different colors:

the thunderstormpig logo on a black background
a sort of mustard yellow gold background for thunderstormpig
thunderstorm pig logo on a nice green background
my thunderstorm pig logo on a purple background
a neutral grey background behind thunderstormpig

as you can see, not bad at all. there’s even a slight blue tint to the grey word thunderstorm that stands out againt the pure gray background.

and ok i know you want a closeup on me, right? oink oink!

thunderstormpig - me - with my cute snout, yellow lightning bolt bandana, and blue circle!

i got these images from an artist on fiver but i actually did quite a lot of the work on coloring and positioning and editing it myself! i think i shined up how i look considerably.

it’s me! oink oink! thunderstorm pig out!

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