it’s thunderstorm pig’s grand debut

wow! this is the pic that started it all! crash! boom! it’s thunderstorm pig!

thunderstormpig in a mclaren 570s with a big smile on his cute piggy face

this image shocked me to life, put blood in my veins, and started the rain that gloriously washed all that mud off of my skin. oink oink.

the power. the glory. the ultimate thrill of being a pig driving a mclaren 570s in a thunderstorm.


you’ll never understand what it’s like to be me… but these images are a good start.

yes images because there’s also a version with windshield highlights and accessorized seats!

thunderstormpig in an aqua mclaren 570s again but with windshield glare and black seats under the rain

wow this is so spectacular, i really can’t get enough. feel the rain on your snout, the air whipping around you, the ultimate freedom of being a live and independent pig on wheels.

and look at those sleek lines on the car. wow, not a speck of mud or rain on them, it’s all just smooth and sleek. and will you check out my perfectly styled piggy fur! it’s no wonder i’ve got such a wide smile on my face.

these gorgeous images were created by dre, who is on instagram, tumblr, and tapas. of course if i say so myself this is her best work right here.

new update: you can also see her original sketches!

here’s 1:

thunderstormpig dre original sketch 1

amazing, but she decided it needed more space up at the top.

so here’s sketch 2:

thunderstormpig dre original sketch 2

dre posts a lot of stories on her instagram (randomninjakitty) and some of them had the progress of this image in the background! i think that sort of thing is fascinating.

randomninjakitty instagram screenshot of just the pig wip

so as you can see first, she started with just me! start with the pig and you can’t go wrong. solid advice right there for life in general. oink oink.

randomninjakitty progress pic 2 pig in rough car

she says she’s taking forever on this commission but really she’s insanely fast, like under 24 hour turnaround sometimes. crazy fast speeds. i think it’s cool seeing the rough sketch of the mclaren, the thunderstorm clouds taking shape in the background, and the layers especially!

randomninjakitty thunderstorm pig progress image 3

and here’s the final progress pic, where dre talks about gimp, the drawing program. layers have been consolidated and the final image is taking shape. isn’t that so cool? i think so!

thunderstorm pig out! oink oink!

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